Smartermail 5.5 ClamAV log files (Revised)

You may need a file unlocker for this…

Just when you thought you had all your log files under control so they didn’t expand to take up all available disk space we discovered that the SmarterMail + ClamAV combo had a bug which was writing temporary locked files to a folder on the Windows 2003 server c:\ drive.


Also the folders would show as 0 bytes when in reality they could be using up to 50MB of disk space so you may have noticed a discrepancy between reported disk size and available space.

If possible, stop all SmarterMail and ClamAV services, or other processes that may be using the files, then use file unlocker to move the files to a more appropriate place (or delete the files)

LeaveTemporaryFiles No*

*(don’t know if this really works – files seem to appear and disappear but after a while a few get left behind)

can be added as a new line to clamd.conf

in %ProgramFiles%\SmarterTools\SmarterMail\Service\Clam\etc

to prevent the temporary files being kept after use, but you have to ensure that the \Clam\etc folder and all contents are not set to read-only and that the required users (e.g. System, Administrator, etc.) have full permission to modify/write (and delete) files.**

**not an elegant way of doing it and doesn’t work properly – Eminent South of Scotland Coder provided a simple batch file example to be used with Windows Task Scheduler which is more effective.

At least that’s the theory for now… ***

*** The Structure of Scientific Revolutions

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