new dryfesdale hotel after bestwesternification

BestWesternification of Dryfesdale Hotel

The Dryfesdale Hotel in Lockerbie, Scotland, is part of the Best Western Hotel system so a few individuality trade-offs have been made to meet the stipulations of the Best Western website guidelines.

new dryfesdale hotel after bestwesternification

This basically required a total facelift and css makeover with these (rough) steps:

Create new page template and css file for testing changes
Update website with recommended font (arial)
Update navigation menu (change to horizontal!) – check across different browsers (FF, chrome, ie)
Widen page layout to fit with change in design losing vertical left hand menu
Best Western logo to show on upper-left of each page
“BEST WESTERN” to precede first mention of hotel on each page – check pages and amend as required
Update Dryfesdale logo graphic so that text is ITC Century Book Condensed and contains BEST WESTERN text before name of hotel
Add required text to footer:
“The World’s Biggest Hotel Family® – Each Best Western® branded hotel is independently owned and operated” and link to best western homepage:
Add required link (using graphic image link) to the Best Western Rewards GB website:
Recommended text colour and link colours updated as per BW guidelines
Page outline colours updated – drop shadow styling to improve design – further cross-browser compatibity checking

While at it:
Fixed bug with special offer display
Addressed a gallery images display issue

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