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Website Design: The Edinburgh Connection

It’s not often Callisti gets a search-engine-marketing client who is already a “web design and search engine marketing” provider so it was a good way to gain insight into the current needs and search channel emphasis of new web design and SEO companies (Edinburgh-based as well!)

The email correspondence alone would probably have served as a template for quick SEO and search engine submission, making basic use of blog content, facebook and twitter profiles and xml sitemaps to help the major search engines index the newly generated pages.

Ryster has a different business model to Callisti, but the Edinburgh based web design, graphic design and search engine marketing company makes use of networking to deliver projects. Kit Allen constructed the Ryster website WordPress integration with using Ryster’s web design, Callisti carried out the initial website SEO and social networking link-ups with Facebook and Twitter (along with Google Adwords setup and general search engine marketing consultancy), and content and copy was written to ensure Ryster’s blog posts and portfolio descriptions were informative and relevant.

For a small company this can make a lot of sense if your main strengths lie in networking and getting sales, providing you can rely on a proven network of skilled providers whose services cost less than what you sell! The right business model for the right person at the right time. Martini?

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