galloway house estate 2012

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The Galloway House Estate website is a mature classic ASP site with a content management system and was needing a template overhaul. It’s ended up being a bit of a fusion: trying to keep the look the same but changing the CSS and templates to allow more flexibility.

There are the ubiquitous Facebook and Twitter links (with Facebook changing the default Page layout at the end of March 2012 it will take a few businesses by surprise!) and some embedded video tours of Cruggleton Lodge and Stables Cottage. Versions of these tours were originally hosted on Youtube but switched recently to use the updated videos added to the Facebook page assets.

galloway house estate 2012

Nearly all the legacy images of text have been removed (for page titles) so that all text on the site should now be truly readable to search engines as well as human eyes. The workaround use of drop-shadow images has been superceded by CSS3 techniques and the use of filters for Internet Explorer versions.

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