Kick and Scream – it’s the 21st Century

Big headline, small post. This is the mobile-friendly, responsive, streamlined, wordpressed Douglas House B&B Castle Douglas website. Some gallery action, with custom theme for fixed non-random home page header, custom footer with added widgets registered to hold the TripAdvisor and bits, and the ubiquitous yet comforting accreditations.


The contact form is mostly HTML5 happy but has a so-called graceful fallback for non-compliant browsers, in particular for the datepicker. TripAdvisor widgets aren’t particularly responsive but with some sea of consciousness hackery there is always a way.

This tears the site away from some albatros legacies such as totally unnecessary rolling .mobi fees. No longer required. The usual googlification has taken place and there may even be some kind of social media element in future. Go Future!

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