Log Cabin holiday accommodation

Lochanview Log Cabins

Migration of another traditional VBScript site to WordPress was always going to happen for this busy and established self catering holiday log cabin website. This website came to life around a bespoke booking system called “Guest Register” and had been kept going on running repairs to cope with various changes brought about by changes in PCI Compliance, changes to payment gateways protocols and changes in how people use the web.

Log Cabin holiday accommodation

GuestRegister - Smart Hotel Booking Software

The WordPress site allows for the Hotel Booking plugin functionality for both Log Cabins and unifies two historical systems which had dealt with website content and booking administration separately. The built in iCal feed import/export is able to link with existing third party booking providers.

What helped the transition was the parallel use of the .co.uk and .com domains for email and website respectively. This has now been streamlined but had allowed a convenient environment for testing development of the new site and leaving the previous site able to continue with business.

No more Windows Servers!

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