Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing

Managing a sponsored link campaign means you can be seen twice: when your organic SEO is effective and a sponsored link appears on the search results page.

This reinforces your brand and generates potential sources of click-through. Brand strengthening can raise CTR (CTR = Click Through Rate) for both listings which increases your chances of converting a lead to sale or a completed goal. It also eliminates at least one competitor by taking up search engine result page real estate.

  • A balanced SEM can increase your search results page presence and remove a competitor.
  • PPC (PPC = Pay per Click) can get quick results whereas organic SEO will provide long term growth.
  • Web users don’t always find your website by using the same search query.

However we recommend a balance between sponsored links and organic SEO.

Sometimes organic SEO alone is not enough to compete in a tight market, and PPC on its own can be too expensive to maintain.

When to use Adwords

Search engine marketing using Google Adwords can be very effective as part of a combined strategy with organic SEO techniques.

Paid advertising can:

  • Provide quick visibility for an official website
  • Provide quick visibility for websites that are difficult for search engine spiders to index
  • Provide good listings on search result pages where organic SEO is not yet effective
  • Suit short Adword campaigns
  • Provide targeted relevant landing pages within your website
  • Contain Ad Copy or keywords to draw the potential visitor’s attention

Callisti can help improve the Quality Score in your adwords campaign so that your budgets are used efficiently. This also helps to ensure your landing page is more relevant to the visitors who click through.

By ensuring your web page content is relevant and original, and optimised to display images and URLs efficiently, the loading speed of your landing page will improve and further enhance your Quality Score.