SEO Consultancy

SEO Consultancy

Where’s My Website? If you’ve spent money on a website that can’t be found, you need help.

Our SEO consultancy service will help you get your website out of the darkness and into the light. We will keep you informed of how improvements to your website positioning can be made and help you make them, keeping your costs down and your search rankings up.

(What is SEO?)

First we establish a benchmark to measure against and determine what your target keywords are, then we provide a report on the current website optimisation performance.

Following research on your target keywords, we go through your site page by page, and tag by tag before providing SEO implementation guidelines.

The first recommendations can usually be put in place without significant changes to code, for example changes to website copy.

Further changes may need recourse to your website development team or if you prefer we can work alongside your team to implement SEO updates.

Throughout the implementation process we provide interval reports so that you can monitor how the optimisation process is improving your website positioning.

SEO Strategy

Each client requires and individual SEO strategy in line with their business objectives. Our goal is to ensure your website gets better quality visitors (visitor = relevant traffic) rather than blind traffic. The traffic numbers might be high but if you’re not getting the ROI (Return on Investment) then it’s not relevant traffic.

(What is SEM?)

By optimising your website or ecommerce site in line with SEM (Search Engine Marketing) that is relevant to your business, we can help market your website using the many search channels now available: video search, blog, image search, news results and local business results.

In addition to this we can use paid advertising such as Google Adwords to maintain your presence on SERPs (Search Engine Result Page.)