Website Copy and Copywriting

Web Copy and Copywriting

Writing effective copy for print or web pages is a skill and takes time to write, revise, edit and publish. Copy normally needs updated as the message you want to give will change over time.

Our approach is to establish with you what your message is. The clearer the message, the easier it is to say.

We integrate the different strands of effective communication for the web environment using target keywords, web copy and layout so that both humans and search engines know what you mean.

Document Preparation

If you need a fresh pair of eyes to properly see your document, contact Callisti. We can format, proof-read, edit copy and make adjust the layout template to suit your page-numbering and format needs.

We work on proposals, bids, essays, dissertations, research documents, reports, presentations and any other document you need professionally prepared.

Print Ready Graphics

We can prepare and convert your images and designs to print-ready PDF format using whatever presets your printer requires. Many business printers require documents prepared using CMYK mode at 300dpi or more.

This means the design will render correctly on paper – designs created in RGB mode for websites and screens may not even print in the correct colour!

If you’re not sure, get in touch with us and let us help.