Directory Listings

Is it good to embark on a link building campaign for when building your website’s presence online?

There are numerous directory sites where concepts like relevant directory and page rank, non-reciprocal, reciprocal, all come to the fore. I am currently experimenting with these, especially the ones that don’t require payment, but it’s a murky business.

I can see that the Callisti website is listed on some of the sites as this shows up in search results. I am slightly concerned that it’s wasting energy that could be spent in something more genuine. Being listed in 50 different phone books doesn’t seem very substantial for some reason but maybe that’s just me.

The more sites that we work on, the more courtesy links point to the site, which I feel better about as it is honourable. Let’s face it, on today’s date the site is currently indexed but unranked and this can take time.

I’m quite impressed with some of the automated link building systems – a collection of scripts and applications that have gestalt intelligent appearance but no inherent soul. Where am I going with that?

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