Website Development

Web Design

The design of your company’s website should strive to represent your company’s branding for an online audience. Or should it?

If your website is for intranet-style internal use, you may want a more functional web page uniform. If your web site is targeted to a specific demographic based on your marketing research you may want to focus or refine the presentation.

Callisti will assist in bringing out the best design for the purpose; form and function; Socratean midwifery.

Website Development

Every company is unique in the way it works. There is no one-system approach to website development. Callisti makes it a key priority to learn how your company works and how best any developments can be streamlined.

If you are serious about integrating the different information and marketing channels of your business, and realise the value of staged development, dedicated service, and open communication, talk with us.

If you want a quickie site, expect to be impressed and baffled by technical language, and are resigned to leaving messages with your web company who don’t care now they’ve ‘made the sale’, go and waste your marketing budget somewhere else.

Callisti’s primary interest is to develop beneficial relationships with our clients and be there to assist when our area of knowledge will be helpful.