Website Management

Website Management

Your website services will usually include a portfolio of components: domain names, email service, hosting services, database services, content management systems, design and development projects, document services, content updates, link building, SEO work, online marketing, password management, backup and failsafe procedures, protocols and documentation.

It’s a growing list.

This can vary from a simple management system to complex systems operating on many levels within your organisation. We have found that as technological assumptions increase, companies are using more time attending to managing their websites without the resources to make it efficient.

We have a pool of designers, developers, testers, internet marketers, and IT literate staff who can process web-related work tasks quickly and efficiently. Callisti works closely with clients to find an organic way of working with you where you can devolve the aspects of web management that are burdensome on your organisation.

Website Hosting

Contact us and let us know how we can help. We can provide quick, affordable dedicated hosting packages for your website, email and domain names.