Lochanview Log Cabins - Facebook

Facebook dominates webpage real-estate

Simple Facebook pages were created recently for Sledges.co.uk and Lochanview.com with some information about the Aviemore-based outdoor shop in the Scottish highlands, and the Dumfries (Kippford) self-catering log cabin holiday venue respectively. The log cabin facebook page is already drawing positive visitor reviews and comments with minimal marketing.

The latest step for Sledges.co.uk was to add and test the like button for each of the products on the e-commerce website so that visitors could share products with friends within their own facebook worlds. Also a link from website to facebook page seemed obligatory! This will be the next step for Lochanview.com’s facebook presence, ideally when the page gets the magical 25 likes required to claim the vanity url.

The emerging trend is that wee facebook icon links and like buttons (and associated html5, og meta-tags, etc) are getting peppered across more and more sites on the internet. Facebook can piggyback on the hard work people put in on driving relevant traffic to their websites by siphoning off “social” activity by visitors.

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