Content is king at Comlongon Castle

Officially pleased for Comlongon Castle, at least for the search variations around “Scottish Castle Wedding”, “wedding in Scottish Castle”, etc. Featuring strongly (number 1 in cases :)) on google web search, image search, video search.

The trick is to follow Google advice, common sense, and all those boring, un-sexy things that make some people want to waste stupid money on paid links and other so-called shortcuts. Not getting the answer you want doesn’t mean it’s wrong but there you go.

Comlongon’s SEO has been a task of this Editor since the editor’s time at Web Presentations, Digitl Ltd and now at Callisti Ltd. To date, Callisti has found that the best framework for straightforward maintenance of content and related SEO has been wordpress, with the bonus that it’s relatively straightforward to customise.


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